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Our Five Packing Tips

How do you get the most space out of your suitcase? This is a common question asked by all travellers who struggle to get all their items packed effectively into their suitcase. You see, it is really like a game of Tetris where you need to try to fit in and utilize every space possible without any wasted spaces. Follow these simple travel packing tips, and you will be amazed at how much space you can get out of your suitcase!

Tip #1: Start with the heavy items first, then work your way up to the lighter items.

Pack the heavier clothes first. Since heavier clothing usually take up the most space then place them on the bottom of your luggage first. Heavy clothing includes suits, jackets, and jeans. Once you packed the heavier items first, this will act as your base, and from there you can layer on top the lighter items such as sweaters and t shirts. The idea is that once you are finished packing, your lightest items should be on the top.

Tip #2: Roll your shirts and light pants.

Lighter items such as t shirts, dress shirts, and light fabric pants such as jogging pants, should be folded in half in the middle and then rolled up. By rolling your pants and shirts, this will not only help prevent them from wrinkling, but you will save much more space in your luggage and will be able to fit more clothes in.

Tip #3: Whatever space left in your suitcase, just stuff it.

Whatever crevices and spaces left in your suitcase, just stuff them in with smaller items such as underwear, socks, and scarves. You will be surprised at how many things you can stuff into these remaining pockets of space in your suitcase. In addition, by eliminating as much of the empty space with these items you stuff in, it will help to ensure your items in your suitcase do not shift around during transport.

By following these simple travel packing tips, you can utilize effectively your luggage space. Not only will this help you to fit more items into your suitcase, this will also help to ensure your items are put in an orderly fashion so that when you do open your suitcase you are not struggling to find various items you packed. These are simple yet powerful space saving strategies to packing your suitcase.